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My adrenaline gets pumping at just the thought of leaning into a fish, setting the hook and the irresistible feeling of the tug on the other end of the line. Rain or sun, I strive to learn fish behaviors in all conditions, minus tornadoes (I typically stay away from those as best I can). There's nothing wrong with being a fair weather fisherman, however, fishing in less than ideal conditions can often times come unexpectedly, or in some cases are favorable conditions to fish in. Whether you're a tournament touring professional angler, a full time guide, a weekend warrior or the occasional fisherman, protecting yourself from mother nature's ever-changing weather patterns is key to maximizing your time on the water. TIP: Don't skimp out on rain gear, get yourself a quality rain suit from Striker Brands like the Adrenaline Rain suit! Here's why:

Wind and Water Proof

Springtime is my most favorite time of the year to fish. In my opinion, a bite in which you can catch smallmouth bass and walleye in back to back casts in the same location is hard to beat, however, springtime fishing can also yield some pretty crazy weather patterns. The Adrenaline suit by Striker Brands is loaded with weather-wicking materials that keep any sort of moisture out and away from your body. The jacket features Seam-sealed waterproof construction, neoprene cuffs and YKK zippers that do a phenomenal job at keeping the elements out. It's rugged 2.5-layer shell keeps water and wind from getting in, and works to push unwanted sweat and moisture out at the same time. On the other hand, the bibs feature a highly breathable 2.5L shell that will keep you from over-heating while in the suit, and 100% seam-sealed waterproof construction keeps rain outside of the suit. Waist-high zippers makes them easy to slip on and off while leaving your shoes or boots on, over sized cargo pockets for toting around truck keys, a cell phone, gloves or any other extra gear, and adjustable leg cuff closures are all functional features to be appreciated by anyone. Don't be fooled by the calm waters in the picture above, not 30 minutes later it was snowing HARD with winds to follow. Thanks to my Adrenaline suit, I stayed warm the rest of the day fishing through the Minnesota MAY blizzard.

UV Protection

After a long winter of cold temperatures with little use for sunscreen, it is easy to forget UV protection while spending a day in the sun during the spring season (or maybe it's just me). Perhaps keeping wind and moisture out on some days is not an issue, but the sun's harmful rays leaving a definitive farmers tan around your favorite fishing t-shirt can be just as uncomfortable as a cold and wet boat ride.

The Adrenaline suit is clearly designed to not only keep the elements out but also works to push out unwanted moisture and heat while wearing the suit. As you can see, the sun is high in the clear blue sky in the picture of me lip n' grinning with a smallmouth. Despite the pleasant weather, hot temperatures and little wind, I had no problem staying in the suit the rest of the day without overheating. Because the Adrenaline suit breathes well, using the suit as a form of UV protection throughout the day worked wonderfully.

My personal experience with the Adrenaline suit by Striker Brands has been nothing short of wonderful. It continues to keep me protected from all elements that threaten to damper my day on the water and continues to maximize my fishing time. 10/10, I highly recommend this product!

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