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eVolve Rain Suit - Striker Brands

Braving mother nature’s wrath no matter your geographical location can prove to be a daunting task. When dealing with high winds, heavy rains or even snow (a series problem as a Minnesota resident), my protection from the elements and suit of choice as an angler is the eVolve jacket paired with the eVolve bib. This past weekend was Minnesota’s fishing opener weekend alongside mothers day, and after one solid weekend of use and minimal use prior, I can confidently say that the eVolve suit is well worth the investment. Here’s why:

Comfortability - As an angler of multi species that is not afraid to tough the rainy windy days, a good weather suit is a must. Personally, maneuverability and comfort is a big deal. I don’t want my suit restricting my ability to make powerful casts nor do I want my suit to be too tight when strapping down the boat or reaching for tackle. The patented direct venting technology built into this suit allowing pair to flow through the jacket as soon as you put it on is a HUGE improvement over competing branded rainwear. I said goodbye to taking my suit on and off several times a day due to irregular air flow and temperature control. Definitely a nice feature!All the flaws and areas of improvement that I have seen in past weather suits have all eVolved and improved into a reliable, maneuverable and comfortable suit now called the eVolve suit (go figure). I truly feel very confident in this product from a comfortability standpoint.

Water/Wind Resistance - The fact that you can literally watch the rain water run off of the suit is pretty cool. The water does not pool up one bit nor does it leave the slightest trace that there was ever water there. The water resistant zippers that are set as the standard on all pockets of the suit besides the bib pockets are tight and protective, keeping every bit of water and wind out but breathable.

Safety - Featured on the jacket are two kill switch attachments on the front and reflective hits on the inner cuffs and back shoulders. With many different features to list of this rain suit, these are two key add-ons to highlight as it keeps the importance of boater safety in mind. Follow the link below to Striker’s website to learn more of this feature-packed suit. You won’t be disappointed! I wish all mothers a happy belated mother's day and wish everyone a great open water season! Stay safe folks!

Time to eVole! https://strikerbrands.com/collections/rainwear/products/evolve-jacket

Tight lines,

Garrett Haglin

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