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Lake of the Woods Fishing Report 2018

Lake of the Woods is a dream destination for any kind of fishing. After spending almost a week in the Sioux Narrows area in Ontario, I have put together a sort of pattern to follow for early summer walleye, pike and smallmouth fishing.

With surface water temps in the main lake areas in the upper 50’s, the walleyes are just starting to move up onto the 25-35ft water points off of main water islands. Vertical jigging in those areas with Fire-Ball Jigs, Stand-Up Fire-Ball Jigs, and Swivel-Head Jigs tipped with a fathead minnow or an impulse riggin’ leech seemed to produce the best bites.

Smallmouth bass could be found around most rock structures, but finding shallow water rock piles in 2-10 feet of water connected to main water islands was the best place to find higher concentrations of fish. Water temperatures in these areas were between 59-62 degrees, with many fish on beds. Using an Impulse Fatty Tube and a Rattling Inner Tube Jig, an Impulse Core Swimbait rigged on a Slurp! Jig Head, or an Impulse Rig’n Leech on a drop shot rig proved to be killer for smallmouth.

Northern pike was concentrated in much of the same areas as smallmouth with water temperatures still at 59-62 degrees. Casting along steep rocky shorelines was the best place to find them. On a cloud covered day, Northland’s new Casting Buck-Shot Flutter Spoon in bright colors seemed to produce more bites and on clear and sunny days, a more flashy presentation proved more effective.

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