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The phrase "its the little things that make a big difference" is a commonly exercised phrase when describing a particular feeling, gesture or object that is of significance to the user of the phrase. Let me tell you, The Rod Glove has developed a customizable product that has without a doubt prolonged the life of my fishing rods!

Whether you are a tournament angler traveling the country, a booked-to-the-max fishing guide, a weekend warrior fisherman, or casual outdoorsman, protecting the gear that you use on a regular or irregular basis is absolutely necessary. As fisherman, we purchase tackle boxes to store and protect our baits, we purchase weather resistant apparel to protect us from mother nature in harsh conditions, and we purchase covers for our boats to shelter them from the elements, so why not make a small investment in a Rod Glove to protect your rods?

As you travel down the bumpy road or crash through the waves on the water, unless your rods are tethered down within your rod locker, your rods and reels will bounce and shuffle around. If you've ever spent a great deal of time untangling rods after a run, or had to cut lines and re-tie because the rats nest was too much, do yourself a favor and make the small investment in a rod glove to minimize the risk in damaging rods and totally eliminate tangles in the rod locker.

I made the small investment for each and every one of my rods that rides along in my boat and will continue to do so for every new rod that comes along. Thanks to The Rod Glove, I have an affordable way to protect my investments!

Tight lines,

Garrett Haglin Outdoors

The Rod Glove Pro Staff

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