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TUCR - 7’2” ML APEX Elite Spinning

Although allergy season is a living nightmare for me, springtime is my most favorite time of year to find big behemoth largemouth and smallmouth during the pre-spawn season. There’s just something about organizing new tackle, re-rigging rods for every technique you could think of and loading up your boat with gear for the first time of the year. It really gets me going and excited for the season! However, it’s most exciting when you get to add a new rod or two (or a few) to the lineup as you exercise your patience to use it for the first time, set the hook on a big pre-spawn bass and understand it’s true power. This year I added the 7’2” ML APEX Elite spinning rod from Tuned Up Custom Rods to my lineup and after my first few ventures of bass fishing thus far into the season, I have come to really appreciate the time and thought put in to the design of this particular rod.

As water temps have ranged from 48 to 58 degrees in the past week or two, the bass have slowly been making their way up into the shallows, staging for spawning. Because of the cold water temps, smaller yet slow moving baits have been key to keep natural looking baits in the strike zone longer than normal. Drop shot rigs, ned rigs, neko rigs and hair jigs have worked wonderfully within the past two weeks of MN bass fishing, and I credit the TUCR Apex Elite rod for allowing me to effectively fish these techniques. A soft and forgiving quick tip with a quick load up to a sturdy backbone for a solid hook set is a must, and true comfort and sensitivity throughout the entire rod is absolutely crucial for fishing pre-spawn bass using the techniques previously mentioned. The first bite on a new rod can really set the tone for your satisfaction in using that new rod, and being that my first bite with the 7’2” ML Apex Elite felt as good as it can get, you can bet this rod will get a lot of exercise in the near future!

Tight lines,

Garrett Haglin

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