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TUCR 7'6" APEX PRO - The Meat Stick

Why have a custom rod built specifically for the way you fish? Because you can.

Why have a custom rod built with superior quality and fine-tuned action? Because you can.

Why have a custom rod built to last a lifetime and to depend on? Because you can.

Why DID I have a custom rod built specifically for fishing in thick cover? Here's why:

The Slop

This past weekend (June 29th) I got on a sloppy topwater frog bite. The largemouth gobbled up our frogs like it was their last day on earth but to get to them, we had to get down and dirty in the slop. Thick grass and pads along with other types of vegetation provides cover from the hot sun in the summertime for many species of fish, including bass. It's a natural source of protection from predators and presents great spawning grounds.

They could be anywhere!

The Rod

Sight and maneuverability is limited by the slop for the fish and the angler, so keeping a frog above the pads and pausing it in the small open pockets creates a brief window of opportunity for a largemouth to strike, ultimately creating the most exciting part of the bite as the angler. Once you've set the hook and are now fighting the fish, you are now also fighting the slop. To pull the fish through the slop with the added weight of weeds, 30 to 60 pound braided line paired with a high speed reel mounted on a long and heavy action rod is highly recommended. The length acts as a higher lift to pull the fish up and out of the thick and the heavy action acts as the strong backbone to pull the extra weight. For fishing in heavy cover, my rod of choice is a 7'6" heavy action Apex Pro by Tuned Up Custom Rods.

7'6" Heavy Action Apex Pro

The Quality

A broken rod is never easy to stomach, and ultimately, a quality rod with the appropriate action and length is absolutely necessary when fishing in heavy cover. Personally, I have really come to appreciate the innovation, time and quality put into the 7'6" H Apex Pro that I use for fishing in the slop. Fish with confidence my friends!

Tight lines,

Garrett Haglin

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