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Versatility of TUCR Spinning Rods

Using the right tools for the job is absolutely necessary when fishing your preferred target species, but it doesn't hurt a thing to invest in a rod or two that exhibits top notch performance when opportunities to fish multiple techniques are present. Here is why the APEX Elite spinning series by Tuned Up Custom Rods is my preference when it comes to multi-species fishing.

Offered in most rod builder's or manufacture's lineup is the common 6 ft or 7 ft spinning rod options. Tuned Up Custom Rods will build any custom rod you can dream up, but two of their most popular options that covers multiple fishing techniques for many different species is the 6'8" M Extra Fast APEX Elite and the 7'2" ML Fast APEX Elite spinning rods. When fishing smallmouth and largemouth bass, walleye, and or jumbo perch, these two rods paired with a 2500 series spinning reel are always on the front deck of my boat.

When bass fishing, the 7'2" ML is the perfect rod for fishing a tube, a swim jig, ned rig and or a shaky-head, while the 6'8" M excels at fishing a drop-shot rig, neko rig, wacky rig or a maribou jig. the 7'2" ML's extra length is great for pulling baits across the bottom with an extra lift, and the 6'8" M is fantastic for the fine-tune rod movements with the shorter rod blank when finesse fishing.

Walleye fishermen, the 7'2" ML is a stellar puppet minnow rod and the 6'8" M a phenomenal vertical jigging rod!

Both rods mentioned will and do fish all techniques mentioned with ease, these are just my personal observations and techniques fished per rod that are most comfortable to me. To know that I have rods loaded in my boat that I can truly depend on to fish a wide variety of techniques is a level of comfort needed to approach a body of water with confidence. Also, to know that each and every rod made at Tuned Up Custom Rods is hand-built by professionals who put a lot of time and care into their work, it means that much more to me at each and every hook set!

Check out these rods, you won't be disappointed.

Tight lines,

Garrett Haglin

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